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Because when it comes to insurance, no one wants any surprises.

  • Insurance rates change.   If you don't compare regularly, you could end up paying much more than you need to - without even realizing it.
  • Property values change.   If you don't review regularly, you could be in for a very unpleasent surprise should the unexpected occur.
  • Circumstances change.   As time goes by, needs change faster than we realize.  There may be products available that serve your current needs better.


The Experts Agree.

You should review your insurance coverages at a minimum of once each year.

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Concerning Home Insurance

Is your home insurance coverage adequate?
Incredibly, it is estimated that 2 out of 3 homes in the U.S. are underinsured.  If disaster strikes, you will want enough homeowners insurance coverage to rebuild the structure of your home, replace your belongings, and to defray costs if you're unable to live there.

The costs of covering all of these potential expenses, tends to increase over time.  If you haven't reviewed your home owners insurance recently, you may be woefully under-insured.  Please contact us.  We can run a quick, no-obligation analysis that will provide the valuable comparative information you need.

Do you need renter's insurance?

Our answer is a resounding yes, but why?  There are several reasons.  However, the most important one may be: Your personal possessions are valuable.  Most apartment complexes and landlords only have insurance that covers the damage to the actual dwelling.  When it comes to your personal property, you are on your own.

Often, we take our personal items for granted.  We never consider the cost to replace them if they are stolen, or destroyed in a fire.  Consider for a moment just how much money it would take to replace the televisions, computers, electronics, furniture, appliances, clothing, jewelry, and other items that you have acquired over the years?  How difficult would it be to absorb such a loss?  Once we take a hard look at the numbers, most of us realize that if we are renting and are not covered by renter's insurance, we are taking quite a risk.

Renter's insurance covers more than your personal property.

When renting, there are other issues to consider besides your personal property.  Renter's insurance also provides liability coverage for damages caused by negligence.  For instance, if you accidentally leave the kitchen faucet on and it overflows into your neighbors' apartment, you could be found liable for the damage.  If found to be liable, you could be made responsible for repairs, any medical bills related to the accident, as well as defense costs should a law suit be brought against you.  A quality renter's insurance policy would cover those costs.

A good renter's insurance policy will also cover medical or legal expenses associated with your home.  If somehow, someone gets injured in your apartment, without renter's insurance you could be on the hook for the potential medical expenses associated - and even legal expenses if there is a resulting lawsuit.  A typical renters policy covers a full range of risks that any renter could be exposed to.

Renter's Insurance Is Affordable.

On average, a good renter's insurance policy may run around $20.00 per month – about the cost of a pizza delivery.

Product Explanations

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